Hi! It’s Glutton welcoming Ramadan! The month of sleeping late, Eid shopping, night matches, weight gaining and over-eating.

My first sehri, paratha, halwa puri, khajla feni ; its so tempting just can’t stop. Burp! I am feeling so full and lazy. From tomorrow, I’ll go for Fajr prayers in mosque. Just today short and quick prayers and then sleeping time.

Long 14 hour of fasting. In iftar, I’ll break all limits ; samosas, pakoras , sherbet , soda drinks, mithai, fruit chat, petty , burgers, sandwiches , pizzas and a lot more. Oo! this is so tempting. Burp! I’m late for Maghrib prayers again.

Fasting slows down metabolism, all energy is consumed in digesting so I am lazy like couch potato; watching News. It’s late night now. I feel weak and hungry . Let’s check fridge. Nothing! It’s unhealthy to sleep hungry. I must go out and eat something.

Steak , pasta and grilled mutton leg with chilled drinks. Burp! Too fresh, can’t sleep now. Three hour before Sehri,  just enough for watching a movie.

Movie ends, it was a nice movie. Although, I am not hungry, I must eat Big Sehri for strength during fast. Burp! Too tired and sleepy, I just can’t keep my eyes open. (Asleep).

Oops! It’s 10 a.m, I missed my morning prayer. Tonight, I should sleep early. Few more days then like always, I’ll get sick (for lavishing on chilled artificial sherbet and eating stuffs fried in rotten oil served on garbage newspaper) and will be relieved of few fasts.


Hi! I am Mr. Self Control, welcoming the Holy month of spiritual rejuvenation, maghfirat, blessings and forgive and forgets; Ramadan ul Kareem.

Time is ripe for putting in practise all for which I had prepared my soul in earlier months. Every action should be for pleasing Allah Almighty, not for getting Jannah, not for reward but just to feel the closeness of Allah and to feed my soul with love of Allah and his creations.

Quick corn flakes, fresh curd with banana will suffice today or I’ll be late for Fajr prayers in mosque. Alhamdulillah!

Few wheat biscuits , tea and fresh fruits for me in iftar so I can pray with complete devotion.

8.30, its dinner time! Tikka, roti, salad and milk. Alhamdulillah. After reciting Quran Shareef and I’ll be on bed by 10.30 so I can wake up fresh in sehri.

In just thirty days, I’ll wipe all sin of the year and illumine at Eid prayer with both spiritual joy and health benefits, the true meaning of Ramadan.