$(KGrHqR,!r!FEzstcH6(BRgCWBs48!~~60_12 Imagine a maiden offering a cup of tea to her future husband and her future in-laws! In Eastern culture offering a cup of tea to the guest is a part of hospitality. In offices, workshops, factories at any scale of organization, a cup of tea is offered to employee by the employer. Ethically, employer is a feeder, care taker, healer and god father of employee.
Amongst various professions, teaching is undisputed noble profession. Experienced and devoted teachers are assets of a school. Although, the profession does not bestow you with promising prosperity, it showers you with respect, dignity and love of students and parents.
Coming to the point, many schools do not provide much respect and facilities to teachers. This tedious job requires a teacher to stand whole day long with smile on her face and willingness to answer every question with patience and understanding, all this for a miniature salary and not even a cup of respect. Even schools with five digit fee structure deny teacher a primary right of this stressful job—– a cup of tea. Teachers have to bring their own tea bag, milk powder and sugar. However, hot water kettle is provided in the staff room.
Interestingly, such is the scenario all over the world for teachers or at least in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. No matter how schools appreciates their teachers in words, certificates and awards.  Every time I open my locker to make my own tea, I know in practice teachers are part of school furniture that can be discarded on a phone call.