Six friends“8th, 9th, 10th grades were most horrible years of my life.” said Hasan gravely.

“What makes you call them horrible?” asked Nida pushing her hair falling on the cheeks behind the ears.

“Mom was teacher in my school; I couldn’t reach the mark of her reputation. I studied 24/7, only to bring a ‘C’ grade. I was always too much in pressure for good grades, fear always overcomes my performance in exams.” His face darkened.

“I also suffered”, Nida added after a pause  “grade comparison, throughout school life. My two brilliant cousins were in my class.”

They were six friends, gathered in a café, on an early winter evening, darkened by the shadow of past. Ten years had passed, since they left the school but frustration and inferiority felt than, had left permanent marks on their personality.

Nida also shared her experience “I was in 11 Grade, my Zoology teacher asked my grades and screamed at me that I even don’t deserve that. I started hating Zoology along with her.”

“Even after learning for hours, I would fail. I just couldn’t learn. May be I wasn’t smart enough but my parents called me lazy. “Ahmad puffed out the smoke along with his frustration.

Humza also joined,” My problem was not so serious but I feel, I never played cricket like other boys, my mother wanted me to study when everyone was playing.”

“I was under social pressure, I wouldn’t care if I died next day after getting my M.B.B.S degree. But I would die as doctor.” laughed Amber, a short, dark and young woman with charming features.

They all were very close friends bounded by same experience of stressful student’s life, yet, all of them had a unique issue.

Why? Why? Why? Are we insane? Grades assure nothing but admission in university. Degree gets you a high salaried job’s interview and not job itself.

Even students with low grades achieve success and glory. Then why do we push our children like fanatic beyond their capabilities? Let them live. We must force if we have to but with understanding of their potential.

Child-StressAn average person isn’t human? The world, we know, is for winners but the home and the family too? Where are we heading? Survival for fittest?  Babies, who are less active or less responsive; who talk late and walk late should be killed, or starved in the cradle, for being less competent. Then every parent will get a winner.