I wish to be a part of this fire, Mariyah thinks, staring at the blazing bonfire, I want to dance with its flames, letting the flames toss my body. Fire holds sensual attraction for her, it fascinates her, absorbs her completely. Perhaps, her desire to meet a genie has its roots in the passion for fire. Genies made up of fire, ruthless, fearsome, powerful, so masculine. She is at beach with her college friends. There is no petrol in generator to light the hut but still everything is visible in full moon light.lady at beachSitting around the bonfire, they share stories of witches, spirits and ghost. But she quietly ponders on her decision once again. Moon is enlarged and more close to sea now, her white satin gown shimmers in the moonlight dipped in perfumed oil. At this moment, she feels united with sea. Her jet black eyes and hair resembles the darker parts of sea, her deep eyes bends like the shore. Moonlight deepens the beauty of her golden wheat skin, pink cheeks and red strawberry lips.

Her mind is amalgam of terror, valour, and thrill. Slowly, she gets up without letting anyone notice and walks along the shore to pursue her dream. She wants to meet a genie. Her grandmother has told her stories of genies falling for love of maidens walking in white clothes with long black hair swinging in the breeze. To become more enticing, she puts on  her precious diamond necklace and earings which she carries in her purse along with the mobile and credit cards. She knows well she might not see any of her loved ones again but  she has chosen her path and is walking on it now.

She notices a shadow crawling out of sea, digging the sand. Shiver runs through her spine, soon she realizes; it’s just a turtle laying eggs on the shore.

After walking for a kilo meter, she sits down. White foamy waves surging on the shore wets her gown revealing her beauty. At the tender age of 18. She never felt the absurdity of her believes. The moon is subdued by the cloud now. Far ahead, she can see the hills and a boat isolated from the world like her.

The hut where her friends are, is still dark, she decides to return or less they’ll be worried. Suddenly, she notices a dark shadow walking toward her. Her heart pounds but she is ready to embrace the new life not knowing the dangers lurking in the dark and the ways of the world.

It comes closer and takes the form of a tall, dark and handsome youth. It looks into her eyes. She feels that she has fallen in love with it on the first sight.

The shadow asks, “Are you alone?

She can feel the heat of this fired soul. In almost in a stupor, Maria says, “yes”.

He says “You’re a beautiful angel.”

Mariyah blushes, gets up and starts walking. He put his arm around her waist and takes her toward the road away from beach. She asks, “What do you want?”

He says,” You” with a cunning smile on his face. Mariyah is about to say something when she feel something touching her head, it’s a gun. Another stout figure appears from behind and asks “Quietly, take off your jewelery and hand me all the valuable stuff.”

Mariyah cooperates unbelievingly, blood drains from her face; her eyes are bulging out in disbelief.

“Let’s take her with us.” said the tall one.

“Mariyah….Mariyah,” her friend are coming closer.

“Leave her, we’ve got enough, run….”

They both flew away on a bike.