Our rickshaws take us through the new city area; red bricked bungalows are a beautiful sight, they are made up of red stone from Jodhpur’s mountains. The road goes up hill and we see the magnificent tower on the top. There is a Ganapati temple, Jodhpur is famous for Ganapati idols.

2014-01-26 13.58.17


We get our tickets; Mrs Ghatila says, “The Bollywood’s movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ and ‘Judah Akbar’ were filmed here, look! there, isn’t that familiar?” Mrs Cheena narrates the scene that was shot here.

2014-01-26 13.58.21

The whole story of the movie revives as we go through the castle. I take great pleasure in observing historical places and pondering on old civilization: their ways and values. We enter the fort through a magnificent gate.2014-01-26 13.58.27

The fort is very well-maintained, provides all the facilities and is installed with latest technology.2014-01-26 14.00.17

2014-01-26 14.17.42 2014-01-26 14.20.04

From here, we take one way lift to the top and the view is spectacular. The city wall that encloses the old city area , the blue square houses of Brahmin class of Hindu; all this absorbs you in its history. Brahmin worships Krishna; also called Neelkand, the blue god.2014-01-26 14.21.28

This is middle level of fort.  Local artists dressed in traditional Rajhastani clothes, play Rajasthani music on traditional instrument. The music and the song sung by the women gives a serenity to this place and makes you feel nostalgic.

2014-01-26 14.22.37 2014-01-26 14.22.47

After climbing the stairs we reach another level of fort.

2014-01-26 14.33.09

A view from here!

2014-01-26 14.36.19

An antique cannon, My boy, Qusai

2014-01-26 14.34.26

This historical building encloses an intricate web of rooms and museum.

2014-01-26 14.33.19

For photos of inner building and imperial inside of Fort—- wait for the next post.