Here’s a childhood memory for the giggles of my friends and is a tribute to my super loving mother, for the compassion she had for a problem child like me.

It’s all about a gold ring studded with single large ruby and zircons on both sides. That was my favourite ring. It was tight so mummy had told me not to wear it.
On Friday, 7th Moharram in 1999, I woke up wearing this ring at 8.00a.m. I was too lazy to put it in my mom’s cupboard before sleeping. While still in the bed, I tried to take it off but it won’t come out. I just went to sleep again. When I was up again at 9.30a.m my finger had started to swollen, it tried to remove it with soapy water then body lotion, finally cooking oil. Nothing helped!
At the age of 15, I was too scared to let my mom know. At 11.00 a.m, my finger was doubled in size and was scarlet. For one and half hour, I was worried, terribly worried and I even tried piercing a needle in my finger on various spots hoping the blood would burst out like a balloon and my finger will get slimmer.

After figuring out all alternatives, I went to my mother with my finger hidden. I made her vow that she would help me without scolding. She was smiling and I remember how the smile faded and she gasped. We were supposed to leave for 7 th moharram majlis and now she was trying all the soapy oily tricks but in vain.
She called doctor Saifuddin. He said the ring will have to be cut out. Mummy asked if he could do it. The doctor said a jeweller would do it. Mummy had mixed emotion of anger, worry and frustration when she said, ” Where would I get a jeweller on Friday? Ya Allah! How do I handle this girl.”
Now, a patient was sitting in front of the Doctor who was listening the conversation, he was a jeweller. He said, ” I can cut the ring. My shop is closed but tools are at my place too”. Mom drove me to the clinic. From there, we and the jeweller went to his place and the ring was cut out.
On the way back, I asked Mom if the ring could be joined again? She had said that it’s a piece of gold now and it’s not important. But, I should not hide anything out of fear, she will always help me.
Looking back at the memories, I know there is nothing like co-incident in this world, jeweller was there at that time to help me.