It’s Eid ul Adha time! Lots of fun and blessings comes with a lot more work. But you can hook up a few things that will keep your home organised and prepared this Eid.

1. Get Your freezer emptied.

  • Quickly use up or give away all frozen foods and meat.
  • Get it cleaned with soda and vinegar for odourless fridge.    

2. Menu Planning

Eid-Qurba is super busy and food delicacies are in demand so plan your menu ahead. Paste it on your fridge and even discuss with family; so everyone’s favourite food is on the list. Next, plan or even search a recipe if incase you want one. Here, I’m sharing video links to few good recipes for this occasion.

  • Kaleji Masala or Liver Meat

  • Kat a Kat or Tak a Tak

3. Grocery and other essentials

  • Get green raw papaya before it runs short in market and is even too pricy.
  • Get or make your own mix of Tikka, Boti, Seekh Kabab, Kata Kat, Karahi masala.
  • Get ingredients for salad and your favourite Chutneys and more as per your menu.
  • Get coal, kerosine and other essentials for Bar-be-que handy for sudden small family get-to-gathers. 

 4. Make Chutneys ahead:

Mint and Tamarind Chutney might be good choice. I also make few extra chapatis everyday and keep freezing it till I have enough for those days with short cooking time.


Get your terrace, gallery or garden whatever cleaned, decorated and arranged for get to gathers. And send invites to friends and family or create watsapp group.

6. Lists:

Last but most important get the list prepared for the relatives, friends, neighbour who would not be doing Zabiha and you have to send them meat. Ofcourse the larger share has to go to the poor and less fortunate. Also mention in list if khala, phuppo or chacha wants some special meat or organ delicacy to avoid any future confrontation. Ooh! we all have some ‘handle with care‘ sort of relations.

7. Pre-book your Butcher
 Try to sleep early to enjoy the next day, I know, sleeping early is difficult with so much to do but do try. And keep an early hour for Zabihat right after Fajr so your meat is distributed before midday and you don’t have to worry about it getting rotten due to hot weather.
Try to keep yourself free on Arafa day. Around midday is best time for prayers.