Now, the best way to store corns is to freeze them. If you plan to use corn within a 20 days blanching is not required, freeze directly by placing in zip lock bag.It should be airtight to save corn from freezer burn.However blanching is advisable. Last week, I saw some really fresh corns. I  bought 5 kg of them. And, I used a few to make clear corn soup with coconut milk and I froze the rest of them after removing corn kernels. Now I was left with empty cob so I made corn stock with it.

If you don’t know what is blanching then. Blanching is a method of boiling vegetable in hot water for few minutes and then immersing them in icy cold water. What blanching does is that it stop enzyme action and save your vegetable from loss of color, texture and flavor. It also kills a few germs and cleanse the surface of vegetable from dirt giving it a bright color. So if you want to freeze corn kernels for 2-3 months then blanch fresh corns on the cob before freezing.

You may remove corn kernels first and then blanch corn off the cobs. It’s your own choice and will require smaller pot to boil. If you plan to use fresh corn with in 2-3 days blanching is not required. You may steam fresh corn kernels with very little water in a pot before using in a recipe. Cover it and cook on very low flame till they are soft. Cooking time depends on freshness of corns.

So here are the steps to freeze fresh corns and how to blanch corns on the cob.

  • Removal of skin and thread.
  • Blanching the fresh corns
  • Removing the thread
  • Putting them in airtight container or zipper bags.

Step by step how to freeze corns.

Remove the skin and carefully remove all silk thread from the corns.

Blanch them by

  1. Boil water in a large pot.
  2. Immerse corn in boiling water. You will have push them underwaterwith awooden spatula. The water will stop boiling, once the water boils again, boil corns for five minutes.
  3. Put them in cold water bath.
  4. Keep corns in cold water for five to seven minutes. Once they are cold move them to a colander to dry.

Remove the kernel with knife length wise. Separate corns texture wise.( If you want freeze whole corn skip this step).

  • Few of my corn were slightly dry so I saved them for clear corn with cob soup.
  • Those which were soft went to separate bag. Remove 3/4 of kernel of those corn.
  • For cream style select softest corns and remove only 1/2 head of corn. Then with back of knife remove creamy juice of corn and save if with 1/2 head for velvety corn soup.

  1. Now, best thing is to put corns in air tight jars.
  2. If you are using freezer bags or zip lock bags then
  • place corn in bag
  • with the help of straw remove air and zip lock. For this you’ll need a thick and good quality zip lock.
  • Roll over extra portion to save from leakage and freeze.
  • Continue same with other corns.

No need to throw the empty corns cobs, you can make delicious corn stock with it. Hope you find this post useful. Don’t forget to like and share.