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About Us

Collaborations, Invites, Reviews and Promotions:

This is Karachi, Pakistan based food blog. We are interested in any reputable collaborations. If you serve amazing food or have an useful product, we would love to review it. For other marketing and promotion services contact us at 

Blog story:

Sources of recipes on blog are various like family and friend recipes. Many recipes are developed and others are improved by testing and retesting. All recipes researched and tested before posting. 

Pakistani Healthy Food blog

Blog focuses on introducing Pakistani food with low fat and healthy alternatives. Like making lemo pani with jaggery (natural sweetner). Homemade jaggery chikki, (natural sweet without color and additives) Additions of moong dal in Qeema biryani to provide wholesome food experience. In various posts we discuss health benefits of a major ingredient to motivate healthy eating through awareness. We also trying to promote healthy cooking alternatives like steaming and baking instead of deep frying. 

Tea Recipes

The blog is proud of reviving an array of teas suitable for Pakistani taste buds which  are a healthier option than regular chai and coffee. Like Mint tea, orange peel tea, turmeric tea, kashmiri tea, ginger tea, masala tea, turmeric latte and chocolate tea.

Low on Budget

While we still beleive in sticking to low on budget and handy ingredients for easy day to day cooking. Most recipes are from scratch for easy and frugal methods of cooking.

Revival of local delicacies.

The blog aspires to introduce and revive the tastes of local delicacies like falsa sherbat, keri and lauki sherbat, water melon rooh afza sherbat (better than packaged juices and soda drinks), shahi tukray, karela masala, bhindi masala (healthy veggies) etc.

No food wastage

Most recipes share storage and freezing guides to reduce wastage. A category of leftover food recipes is also added to share recipes and methods to stop food wastage while still not compromising on taste. 

Blog Style

Scrumptious presentation ideas are provided with tempting cover photographs. For all ingredients urdu names are mentioned. And both metric measuring system and cups and spoon measurements system  are used for easy measurements. All recipes are moderately spiced and suggestions are given with quantity to increase spices. All recipes have pictorial step by step instruction for easy grasping and precise understanding.

My story

I am Mariam Sodawater, the peron behind the blog. I have travelled a long road before starting this blog. I have been cooking since I was 12. I know, I also asked all my friends and they all said they learned to cook after getting married. I also thought what was I doing in the kitchen when I was supposed to play badminton with cousins. Then I realized, DADI, my first mentor was my grandmother, who was a great cook. She wanted me to get all her cooking skills while she was still alive. And my naive soul with all little defiance I could put, accompanied her in kitchen, sometimes excited and sometimes half hearted. She, my dadi, often quoted ‘ sasto saro , selo’ (Good recipe are easy, healthy and frugal). My dadi use to say many other aphorisms. I now understand and realize the truth and depth in them. Her wisdom wrapped in aphorism still guides me.

After her death, when I was only 14 years, my journey continued observing and learning from my mother. My mother is full time working.We had hired a cook after dadi’s death. So, like you just can’t imagine what happens when your cook runs away or takes off without notice. Mom had to go work and after school, I had to cook the half cooked food. Yeah…I was the only daughter. 

My mom use to say ‘just by tasting a good cook can replicate same taste at home, and know the ingredients, would improve the recipe too’. 

After marriage,  Ammi, my mother in law, further polished me. She makes so delicious vegetables that there is just no comparison. So all veggie recipes on blog are as per her style and many other biryani recipes too. And every recipe before reaching the blog goes through her review. Seriously, the food and not the post.

I loved to write a diary since when, I don’t remember. So blogging came naturally and efforlessly to me. (Although, taking photograph while cooking and noting ingredient for developing a recipe double the cooking time)

I started blogging 4 year back as a personal blogger, then I took to teaching English for a year and abandoned my passion for the shortage of time. Then, I worked as social media marketer for family business as with young kids full time job was not possible. I had been sharing recipes with friend and family verbally, written, email, and then watsapp too. Seriously, I realized now, I shared same recipe number of times and sharing a link is a lot easier. 

Most of photography skill are learned through my husband, youtube and personal experience. And permission will be strictly required before republishing any content or photograph. 

Ride with me to the kitchen for easy, healthy cooking.

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